Newport, Oregon

This morning we stayed inside due to the cold rain outside and prepared for the next leg of our journey – the Oregon coast! We drove through 3 more forests on the way out of where we were before returning to the 5. Someone in town warned us they were expecting snow over the weekend up in the mountains, which was a relief to avoid since we did not pack any snow-friendly clothing.


Our first coastal stop was naturally Newport, where Rogue Ales & Spirits has its headquarters. We grabbed lunch, tasters of beer, and filled our growler with full stomachs before continuing the rest of the day’s drive.

Rogue always keeps it fresh, and their “farm beer”, where they grow the ingredients and use honey from their bees, are not to be missed. They care about what they are making and take pride in creating what they want, and it really shows through their brand. Our waiter helped swear us into the Rogue Nation, and we took a pledge to never ever drink bad beer. If you enjoy cheese, we also recommend trying the cheese curds!



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