Jackson State Forest

While you can all you want, you can’t always predict what’s to come while traveling. This can make it enjoyable, and at times a little frustrating, too.  On our coastal adventure, we experienced some traffic around Silicon Valley that delayed our travels significantly.

After nightfall, we reached our next destination, despite feeling that we had plenty of time to get there. We did not get to hike where we wanted to, but we made it to Jackson State Forest safely and in one piece, so that is something to be grateful for!


fullsizeoutput_12d8Jackson State Forest is home to many redwood trees and several hiking spots. We camped in a paid campground in the forest, which is just inland of Mendocino. We parked the van near a creek at nightfall, made simple zucchini tacos, and relaxed by the fire.


We woke up and went for a run around the campgrounds to inspect the area more closely. We didn’t locate any bears! I did see a banana slug though. After our run, we got brave and dipped into the cold creek to rinse off._cam8405

We hung our clothes to dry and made toast, eggs, and coffee around the fire ring before hopping back inside the van for the next adventure.



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