Big Sur

img_4691There is more to Big Sur than just Pfeiffer Burns State Park! If you want to find a lesser known camping spot and you have 4-wheel drive, Prewitt Ridge is the spot to be.

big-sur-dispersed-campingOnce we made it to TreeBones in Big Sur, we took a crazy road that requires 4-wheel drive to get up. We accidentally took a left per our directions, which we quickly learned was the wrong route and that we had made an oopsie. We got stuck and almost fell over sideways after hitting a rut. Our 5-gallon water jug fell over and started pouring down the side of the van, but we recovered and cleaned up. We had to back up and around to get out of there, so make sure you turn RIGHT instead. Lesson learned!


We went around and around mountains until we reached Prewitt Ridge. The ridge has incredible coastline views and an unbeatable sunset, as well as dispersed camping grounds. We were able to cook vegan kielbasas and have a beer while enjoying the sunset over the coastline.


In the morning, we hiked up to the actual ridge to inspect the view more closely. It was pretty amazing, but where we had camped was pretty spectacular too. We made coffee (Heart Roasters!), eggs, and toast before packing up to head out.img_4703

The windy road down was terrifying, but the view was breathtaking. We headed into Big Sur and drove along the coast for a while more until eventually we headed inland.


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