Reclaimed Wood Flooring

We knew we wanted wood floors in our Sprinter camper van and came up with a couple ideas before settling on this path. We found reclaimed barn wood at Ganahl Lumber that was perfect for Walden.


To make the space feel bigger, we didn’t stain the wood and placed it width-wise rather than length-wise throughout the van. Keeping each row one board helps to give the illusion of a longer space, even though we did not purchase the longer-length van.


Each board was measured and cut by hacksaw then drilled into the floor.

You could add a stain onto the flooring if you want to alter the shade of the wood you purchase, but it is a lot more challenging and you have to re-stain it eventually. It would be a big undertaking to re-stain the wood inside of the van since you can’t step on it as you work. We think that our reclaimed wood is nicely aged so it should not show if the dog makes marks in it or we drop something on it.


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